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33 Delicious Sides & Toppings to Serve with Pumpkin Soup

Make your pumpkin soup a meal with these tasty sides, appetizers, and toppings! I found the very best dishes to pair with your soup that are simple, delicious, and complementary.

A bowl of butternut squash soup sitting on a table surrounded by a butternut squash half, a napkin, a loaf of bread, and a spoon

The weather is cooling down, pumpkins are plentiful, and it is finally soup season! Pumpkin soup is the perfect dish for autumn meals, but what do you serve with it?

Determining the best side dishes to go with pumpkin soup can be challenging, but I’ve got lots of ideas for you. Choose a dish from a couple of these categories and you will have a well-rounded, impressive fall dinner!

Best Sides for Pumpkin Soup


A warm bowl of soup is just asking for bread to accompany it! Fresh sourdough bread with butter is always delicious, but these unique bread creations are some of my favorites.


Get some fresh vegetables into your meal with one of these delicious, seasonal salads. From shaved Brussels sprouts and parmesan to apples and bleu cheese, this salad lineup has something for everyone. 


Sandwiches are the perfect side dish for a bowl of hot soup! Try one of these grilled cheese sandwiches, tasty paninis, or fresh cold sandwiches. 


Roasted, fried, and casseroled vegetables are a great option for fall and winter sides! Pair them with a delicious soup for a light and nutritious meal.


Bring your meal to the next level with one of these flavorful starters. Made with seasonal ingredients and packed with flavor, these recipes are perfect for pumpkin soup. 

For Serving

Add one of these simple recipes to the top of your soup for added flavor and crunch. Serve these crunchy toppings in small bowls to make a top-it-yourself soup bar!

You don’t need a recipe for every topping! Here are some tasty simple options to consider adding to your topping lineup:

  • Sour cream
  • Chives
  • Scallions
  • Heavy cream
  • Pine nuts
  • Pepitas
  • Feta cheese
  • Crumbled bacon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pumpkin soup a side dish or a main course?

It can be either! Pumpkin soup can be a delicious and filling entree that pairs with a variety of sides. A small bowl can also make a tasty starter or side! It is up to your preferences and serving sizes. 

What goes well with pumpkin soup?

Pumpkin soup tastes amazing with a variety of sides, especially dishes with the flavors of fall! Check out this full list of breads, salads, vegetables, and appetizers for some ideas.

Can pumpkin soup be served as a main course?

Yes, pumpkin soup is a very hearty soup that is highly suitable as an entree! Pair it with some of these sides and you’ll have the perfect meal for a dinner party or a casual weeknight supper!

Do I have to use pumpkin for pumpkin soup?

Though the name may suggest otherwise, you can use any winter squash puree as a substitute for pumpkin puree. Check out a list of ideas in my post about delicata squash substitutes.

Do these sides go well with butternut squash soup too?

Yes! If you are making a big batch of roasted butternut squash bisque or a similar recipe, you may be wondering what to serve with it. All of these sides would taste delicious with squash soup.

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