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19 Fun & Easy Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Make your Easter brunch or dinner extra special with a festive and unique Easter charcuterie board! This collection of 19 different seasonal charcuterie boards is sure to inspire you as you plan a delicious appetizer for your holiday celebration. 

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Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

As Easter weekend approaches and we are planning our Easter celebrations, one of the biggest considerations is food! Coming together with loved ones to enjoy a festive spread is one of the best things about holidays, but it can cause some stress.

If you find yourself wondering what to bring to an Easter celebration or need an easy appetizer to serve to guests, look no further than these beautiful Easter-themed charcuterie boards!

I gathered an incredible collection of ideas for a Thanksgiving charcuterie board and Christmas charcuterie board last year and it was so much fun. I knew I needed to do the same for Easter! 

With this wide variety of cute, festive, elegant, and creative charcuterie and snack boards, you are sure to find inspiration and ideas as you plan your holiday! 

Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Tips for Making an Easter Charcuterie Board

  • Add seasonal touches: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your ingredients! Seasonal fruits and vegetables, Easter candy, deviled eggs, or dyed Easter eggs will make this board special for the occasion.
  • Include a bit of sweet and salty: Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory snacks, a good charcuterie board (especially one for Easter) includes both! Add some dried fruit, fresh fruits, chocolate, or candied nuts to compliment savory cheese, meat, crackers, bread, and brined veggies. 
  • Don’t be afraid to have some Easter candy: It’s certainly not conventional, but why not add candies to your board for the holiday? Any of your favorite Easter candy such as chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow bunnies, or jelly beans will add a nostalgic and delicious touch! Putting them in small bowls and piling the other ingredients around them is a great option.
  • Don’t leave any gaps: Once you’re done placing the main ingredients, fill in the spaces with small bits and bobs such as fresh berries, nuts, or jelly beans. This will give the board a polished, professional look. 
  • Don’t forget the finishing touches: Don’t forget to garnish your boards with edible flowers, fresh herbs, or Easter candies to really make it pop.
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